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The Lucy Songbird Keepsake Urn in Crimson Red

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Color: Crimson Red

The Lucy Songbird Keepsake Urn – a heartfelt tribute that captures the essence of nature's beauty and the timeless melodies of songbirds. Handcrafted with care from durable brass, this exquisite keepsake urn comes in a contemporary crimson red hue, evoking the tranquility of the outdoors.

The Lucy Songbird Keepsake Urn is more than a memorial; it's a symbol of the enduring connection we share with those we hold dear. As the seasons change, so do the emotions that come with remembrance. In the spring, the songbird's melody resonates with renewal and the promise of brighter days ahead. Throughout the year, these avian companions entertain us with their playful antics, creating lasting memories.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each Crimson Red Songbird Keepsake features a threaded closure at the bottom, ensuring a secure and cherished resting place for ashes. The ash storage, thoughtfully placed on the underside, upholds the seamless design while preserving the sentimental essence within.

Celebrate the life and legacy of your loved ones with the Lucy Songbird Keepsake Urn – a timeless tribute that encapsulates the beauty of songbirds and the cherished memories they inspire.

- Capacity: can hold up to 7lbs in pre-cremation weight | 7 cubic inches 
- Dimensions: 3" x 4.5" x 2.6"

The Lucy Songbird Keepsake Urn in Crimson Red
The Lucy Songbird Keepsake Urn in Crimson Red
The Lucy Songbird Keepsake Urn in Crimson Red

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