How to Choose the Right Size Urn for Your Loved One

How to Choose the Right Size Cremation Urn for Your Loved One

Everything you need to consider when selecting the correct cremation urn for a loved one.

The fragility of life is never more apparent than when we lose a loved one. In the aftermath of their passing, it is common for families to consider their final resting place and how they will honor their memory. Many choose cremation because of its practicality and the ability to keep their loved one close by in an urn.

Upon beginning to shop for urns, you'll notice various sizes available. How do you know which size is appropriate for your loved one? Here's everything you need to consider when selecting the correct urn for ashes.

Will the entire ashes be kept in the urn?

The first thing to consider is whether or not the entire ashes will be kept in the urn. Some families choose to scatter a portion of their loved one's ashes, keeping only a small amount in an urn. Others split the ashes among multiple urns for different family members to keep. And Urn jewelry is a popular option for those who want to keep a small portion of their loved one's ashes close to their hearts.

If that's the case, a smaller urn for loved one will suffice. However, if the family plans to keep all of the ashes in one urn, then a larger size may be necessary. Keepsakes and jewelry will also require smaller urns.

Companion urns

If the family chooses to keep their loved one's ashes together, they may consider a companion urn. These urns are larger and can hold the remains of two individuals. This is a common choice for spouses or siblings who wish to be laid to rest together.

How to determine the size of an urn

If you're unsure of the size needed, it's helpful to know that one pound of body weight results in about one cubic inch of ashes. So, if your loved one weighed 200 pounds, an urn with a minimum capacity of 200 cubic inches or larger would be suitable. Factors like bone density and the type of cremation can also affect the volume of ashes.

If you want to play it safe, choose a cremation urn slightly larger than the calculated size to ensure it can hold all of the ashes. Another option is to consult with the crematorium or funeral home for guidance on urn size.

What if you don't know the weight of your loved one?

If you don't know the exact weight of your loved one, you will need to estimate based on their height and body type. Using a standard weight chart, determine a range of potential weights for your loved one's height and choose an urn that falls within that range. Note that you can also ask the crematorium for assistance in estimating weight.

Size guide for Oaktree Memorials

If you're looking for an elegant, modern urn, Oaktree Memorials offers a wide range of sizes to suit any need. We have five sizes available for most of our models, from extra small to 2XL.

Extra Small

Suitable for pets, toddlers, or for keeping a small portion of ashes. It has a capacity of up to 20 cubic inches. As such, 20 pounds or less would be appropriate for this cremation urn size.


Ideal for children and smaller teens, with a capacity of up to 64 cubic inches.


Many adult females and smaller males have their ashes placed in medium urns with a capacity of up to 120 cubic inches. They must have weighed 120lbs or less before cremation.


This size is suitable for most male adults, with a capacity of up to 200 cubic inches or 200lbs.

Extra Large

Ideal for heavier people or couples, with a capacity of up to 270 cubic inches or 270lbs.


For larger individuals or couples, with a capacity of up to 330 cubic inches or 330lbs.

Choose a fitting memorial today.

When deciding on the right urn size for your loved one, consider their weight and whether or not the entire ashes will be kept in one urn. 

Trust Oaktree Memorials to deliver high-quality, beautifully crafted urns for your loved one's final resting place. Shop our urns to find the perfect fit for your cherished family member or friend.

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