Pet Memorialization

Remembering Your Pet

Pets are more than just animals – they’re our furry family members.

This is why losing a pet is profoundly traumatic and can take a long time to recover. In fact, some people may take weeks, months or even years, depending on how long they’ve had the pet and the impact it had on their life.

Because of this, it’s essential to handle the grieving process with patience and to allow your feelings to unfold. One of the ways you can deal with the loss of your pet is to give it a good send-off.

Hosting a Funeral For Your Pet

Holding a funeral service for your pet helps you deal with the grief. It’s especially effective when you’re surrounded by loved ones and friends who the pet may have also impacted while still alive.

Like with family members, it’s important to say a proper goodbye to your pet. You can do this by holding a memorial service, complete with a heartfelt eulogy.

Tips For Writing a Good Eulogy For Your Pet

Chances are you’ve built quite the bond with your pet. So while you may think writing a eulogy for a pet is a bit strange, rest assured it is not. In fact, many people write eulogies for a lost pet.

Here are some tips for writing a great eulogy for your pet:

Be Sincere

The number one rule of writing a eulogy is to be sincere. You can never go wrong when speaking from the heart. Your guests will appreciate a heartfelt eulogy filled with fond memories of the moments you spent with your pet, and perhaps have some of their own.

The good news is that sincerity often comes naturally when talking about a deceased pet. This is because pets are so good to us, providing unconditional love and the perfect companion throughout their life.

Choose a Memorial to Celebrate Its Life

Memorials can take the shape of many different styles, materials, colors, and sizes so you are guaranteed to find something that fits your pet’s size and your tastes. Be aware that not all memorial urns are the same. Most pet crematories offer more basic urns made of wood or alloy (a combination of metals). Many of these urns can also be found on Amazon or for much cheaper. 

If you’re looking for higher quality urns that will be much more unique than most options for your pet, you should look online. Oaktree has a diverse and unique collection, which you can find here

Cremation jewelry or small urns, often called keepsakes, are another great way to divide up ashes amongst family and/or friends or just hold onto a small amount if you are scattering the rest. Cremation jewelry has come a long way from your grandma’s old jewelry and Oaktree continues to push the envelope on what we expect from cremation jewelry

Include Videos

Including videos of your pet in the eulogy is a great way to show others what they were like. It also portrays your relationship with them, which may be hard to put into words.

Digital eulogies are becoming increasingly popular, and a link or code will usually suffice if you decide not to go with a printed eulogy.

Posting a video of your pet on social media is another great way to memorialize them and showcase the special relationship you held.

Include Photos

We’re all guilty of taking too many photos of our pets. Pictures are a great way to capture essential memories as well as the personality of your pet throughout their life.

Showing photos of your pet also helps others to understand what they were like. Don’t be shy to bring out the photos you’re hoarding in your gallery, including the ones that may get a laugh.

Get Artwork Done

Having an artist create a painting or drawing of your pet is a great tribute. The best part is that most artists offer to add special features to their artwork to make it unique to your pet. Including this in the eulogy is another great way to memorialize your furry loved one.

Write a Song or Poem

Although it is difficult for many people to put their feelings into words, writing a poem or a song may be more up your alley and is a healthy outlet for the grief you are feeling.

Write your pet a piece that puts all of your feelings into words. This will help you analyze and process  your emotions, some of which you may not have done otherwise. 

The key to writing a great song or poem is to take your time and to let all your feelings flow through you. Remember the first time you met your pet, how your life with them was, and all the things they did that brought a smile to your face.

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