What is a Pet Directive and Why Does My Pet Need One?

Written by: Max Lemper-Tabatsky



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More than 4 million pets are adopted each year in the U.S. Often that adoption experience is a joyous and exciting time for both the pet parent and the pet. There are many reasons why a pet may be adopted, but detailed information about how to care for the pet is sometimes omitted. 

I remember my first puppy when I was 8 years old. I can still picture the long drive to the breeders’ house and a backseat full of blankets, towels, and toys. It was one of the most exciting days of my life. 

Hershey, our Dachshund, turned out to be a rambunctious little pup. Though we loved him dearly, there was one problem: Hershey did not do well around young children. He would bark and growl and become defensive, which usually meant we needed to be careful not to allow him near said children - just in case.  

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we were no longer able to keep Hershey at home. Unable to find a family ourselves, we took him to an animal rescue agency for adoption. At that time, the documentation of information about your pet’s temperament and needs was not available and we had to trust that those details would not get lost. 

If we had a Pet Directive, then Hershey likely would have ended up in a proper home without young kids. Instead, he was bounced around multiple times before finally landing with his forever pet parent, a widowed woman looking for a companion.  

Pet Directives, Explained

Many people have considered documenting their own wishes, but what about how you wish your pet to be cared for in the event you can no longer care for them?  To help make sure your pets are properly cared for, GoodTrust has developed the Pet Directive, a document in which you can record all the important information about your pet including their temperament, diet, medical conditions, exercise routine and much more. 

Your Pet Directive is not only great for those pets who are adopted, or re-adopted, but it is also a great tool to share with your veterinarian, dog sitter, and groomer. 

While a pet directive is not a legally binding document, unlike most directives, it can be a huge help for pet parents who need to leave specific instructions about how their pet should be cared for.

Why are Pet Directives Important

Your pet is a part of your family and just as each of us is an individual, so are your pets. They have specific needs, are particular to one brand of food and have a certain level of activity requirements that help them to stay healthy. 

Your pet may also have a medical condition where he requires medication or regular treatment. This information is so important to the longevity and overall health and happiness of your pet.  

The thing is, no one knows all of this information except for you. As a pet parent, your responsibility of sharing this important information just got much easier with the Pet Directive

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