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The Bianca Eight Horses Urn

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Color: Eight Horses


The Bianca Eight Horses Urn – a masterpiece of artistic craftsmanship and practicality. This ceramic cremation urn for adults features a stunning motif of eight black and white horses, hand-painted onto the front, adding a touch of timeless elegance to your remembrance.

Finished in a pristine eggshell white, this urn is not just a container but a beautiful addition to your home decor. It's designed to seamlessly blend into your living space, offering a comforting and enduring memorial.

The uniquely designed lid of The Bianca Eight Horses Urn ensures the utmost security for your loved one's ashes, providing peace of mind during this sensitive time.

- Capacity: can hold up to 18lbs in pre-cremation weight | 18 cubic inches 
- Dimensions: 4.0"H x 3.2"W

- Capacity: can hold up to 135lbs in pre-cremation weight | 135 cubic inches 
- Dimensions: 7.75"H x 6.5"W

The Bianca Eight Horses Urn

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