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The Bleecker Urn

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Special Edition Collection

Handmade in Italy

Forest Stewardship Council Certified

Handmade by master artisans in Italy, the Bleecker urn is a stunningly unique art piece to memorialize a loved one. Crafted from sustainably-sourced rosewoods, this 20-faced polyhedron is an icosahedron, inspired by 1920's Art Deco design and the beauty of the natural hues of a variety of different types of trees. Available in Small and Large, the Bleecker urn made from the finest woods selected for strength, beauty and stability to honor the memory of your loved one. The lid to insert ashes can be removed by unscrewing it from the top, which will unlock the lid using our three-pronged, latch mechanism (see photo). 

We're deeply sorry for your loss.  


- Capacity: can hold up to 65lbs in pre-cremation weight | 65 cubic inches 
- Full Urn Dimensions: 5.5" H X 5.5" W
- Triangle Side Dimensions: 3.5"

- Capacity: can hold up to 225lbs in pre-cremation weight | 225 cubic inches 
- Full Urn Dimensions: 9.5" H X 9.5" W

- Triangle Side Dimensions: 4.8"
The Bleecker Urn
The Bleecker Urn
The Bleecker Urn
The Bleecker Urn
The Bleecker Urn
The Bleecker Urn

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    We have designed our urns to fit seamlessly within the modern, 21st century home. 

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    We use sustainably-sourced materials whenever possible and most of our work is FSC-certified.

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