What is a Companion Urn?

What is a Companion Urn?

Everything you need to know about a companion urn

Losing someone extremely close to you can feel like losing your second half. You may feel a longing to always have them close to you, even after they've passed on. 

As final as death seems, there might be a solution for eventually reuniting with your loved one. A companion urn is a perfect solution for those who want to eventually be reunited with their deceased loved one in death.

What is a Companion Urn?

A companion urn is an urn large enough to hold the ashes of two individuals. It's a way for couples, siblings, or close friends to be buried together, even if they pass away separately.  Sometimes called "Urn for Two," companion urns come in many sizes and styles.

Depending on the model, these urns may have two separate compartments. Others (like Oaktree Memorial's Companion Urn) are large enough to hold the ashes together in one main compartment.

When to Use a Companion Urn

There is no right or wrong time to use a companion urn. Some individuals choose to purchase one before death as a way of honoring their relationship and having a plan in place for their final resting place. Others may choose an urn for ashes after the passing of their loved one as a way to bring them close once again.

If the individuals have expressed their wishes to be buried or scattered together, companion urns are the ideal solution. They also allow flexibility in planning funerary arrangements as they can accommodate both individuals at once instead of needing separate urns or burials.

How to choose a companion urn

At Oaktree Memorials, many of our larger and XL urn sizes can be used as companion urns, making it easy to find the perfect design for honoring your loved ones together. When considering an urn for ashes, it's essential to consider not just your wishes but those of the honored individuals and what style resonates with their personalities.

Try to find a cremation urn that reflects the relationship between the individuals, whether it be through a shared hobby, special place, or symbol of love. Our designs are modern and sustainable, so you can choose from a variety of:

Colors and finishes

Vibrant colors, natural wood grain, and sleek metal finishes offer a range of options to reflect the unique bond between individuals. Each design is handcrafted with care, ensuring a one-of-a-kind memorial for your loved ones.

Styles and shapes

When browsing through Oaktree Memorials' companion urns, there is a range of styles and shapes to choose from. Traditional urn shapes or more abstract designs like our flower pots offer options for every taste.


Consider personalizing your companion urn with a custom engraving for a personalized touch can add even more meaning to the companion urn. Choose from multiple fonts and add a special message or individual names for a beautiful memorial.

Start your journey today.

Honoring your loved ones in death is a profoundly personal decision. We hope that our companion urns can offer comfort and a way to bring individuals together once again. Start your journey in choosing the perfect memorial for your loved ones by browsing our collection of companion urns today.

If you have any questions or need assistance finding a suitable cremation urn, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help make this difficult time a little easier for you.

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