The Hudson in Rich Black


Handmade by our artisans in Europe, the Hudson urn in Rich Black is made from rare, Italian-sourced wood and is an incredibly elegant way to memorialize your loved one. This pet urn is handcrafted in two different sizes, Small and Large Plus, for you to select. The interior of the urn is made from mahogany wood where you'll find a plastic bag closed with an elegant black satin ribbon. The urn opens with 4 screws from the bottom. Our wood is sustainably sourced and highly respectful of environmental biodiversity. 

We're deeply sorry for your loss.  

- Capacity: can hold up to 32lbs in pre-cremation weight | 32 cubic inches 
- Prisma Dimensions: 4 7⁄8″ W x 3 11⁄32″ D x 3 35⁄64″ H

Large Plus
- Capacity: can hold up to 382lbs in pre-cremation weight | 382 cubic inches 
- Prisma Dimensions: 7 9⁄32″ W x 7 9⁄32″ D x 10 5⁄8″ H

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