Our Mission

We founded Oaktree following both our instances losing family members as well as our experience in the funeral industry seeing first-hand how difficult it is to find modern, unique and high quality memorial products. This made us believe that there must be a better place to find memorials that capture the tremendous value a loved one brought to our lives. When we couldn’t find exactly what we were looking for, we decided to create it. Therefore, from California, we started Oaktree.

We are honored that you have given us the opportunity to find you a one-of-a-kind memorial.

With gratitude,
Miles & Max, Co-Founders

dedicated to you

Our customer is our priority. Providing a smooth, personal experience is at the heart of Oaktree's mission.

Our Blog

Father's Day After Loss

Father's Day After Loss

There’s no manual for many things in life; how to raise a child, how to foster a healthy relationship with your partner, etc. Similarly, there’s no...

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